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Hello and welcome to our Shaklee Website.  My name is Grace Anderson and my husband is Andy.  

Several years ago my friend Janet gave me a sample of a “blue” cleaner and asked me to try it.  I put it in a drawer and forgot about it.  A few weeks later she asked how I liked it.  I had to admit I hadn’t tried it and didn’t even know where it was.  She gave me another sample.  Again, I put it in a drawer.


I realized I was going to be seeing her again and she would be asking about it.  The sample was Basic H.  I dug it out of the drawer and used it to mop my floor.  It worked great!  When I told Janet I liked it, she proceeded to invite me to a meeting.


I wasn’t too excited about that.  We had recently gotten out of what we thought was going to be a great business… bras and girdles… I’m not kidding.  We invested $500 and received a suitcase full.  And nothing was in my size. Janet persisted and I finally went to a meeting.  Andy was totally not interested.


This was all before our third son Kip was born. 

  Our 3 sons...

 Here are some pictures of our family. We’ve added a few members through  the years. 



Keith and Heidi        Haleigh and Cam         Hunter/Annalee               Porter            Kevin, died in car accident at age 10

Kip and Dawm       Amethyst and Kimberly            Ethan            Kip and Amethyst      Great granddaughter Amethyst


Where We Live

We started our business in Tucson, AZ and later moved to Flagstaff, AZ., which is in Northern Arizona.  The elevation is 7000 ft., and we do get snow in the wintertime. This was a few years ago.


Learing More....

As I attended meetings every week, I learned about nutrition and nutritional supplements.  In the 70’s, persons who took vitamins were a little weird and we got a lot of ribbing. 

At the time, I was tired all the time.  If I could, I would have slept 24-7 but with two little boys that was not possible.

My parents were some of the first people I talked to about Shaklee.  I gave them a bottle of Vita Lea, a can of protein and a bottle of Basic H.


A week later my mother called and wanted more.  In that short time, my dad was able to make a fist, which he hadn’t been able to do in some time and my mother was feeling better.  The Basic H became one of her favorite products.  I later asked why she had agreed to try the products and she said she wanted to help me in my new business.  She ended up helping herself and many friends and family. She had been told by doctors she would be in a wheelchair by the time she was 40.  She could still do the splits in her 80’s.  Here is a picture at their 70th wedding anniversary celebration and my mother is wearing her wedding dress!



Helping people live younger longer 

Helping people live younger longer has been our passion since 1971.  We didn’t know at the time how our lives and the lives of our friends and family would change when we joined Shaklee.  We wanted to feel better, have more energy and enjoy life.  As we have gotten older chronologically, friends tell us we don’t look like we are aging. 


New Research ... living younger longer

New research explains people really do live younger longer when they have optimal nutrition and an active and purposeful lifestyle.  We know nutritional products make a huge difference in our life because we have experienced it.  We believe nutritional supplements should work!


Through the years as we shared with friends and family, we built a nice extra income stream. 

What I didn’t realize when I got involved with Shaklee was I had joined a Network Marketing Company, meaning,  as I shared Shaklee with others, teaching them to do what I was doing, I was creating residual income.  Residual income means I get paid today for work I did 40 years ago. 


After all these years I have member/customers still buying the products every month.

We  know there are so many people who need the products and we want to reach out to them. 


Our vision is to help people thrive, not just survive; live younger longer, look younger longer and be passionate about helping other people also be their best!


Wherever you are in your life, we invite you to join us in living younger longer, looking younger longer, and loving your life…today.



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